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                                                    Mark McDade   813-310-0403

Affordable Health Plan Alternatives to Obamacare and Unaffordable Group Plans that are ACA Tax Exempt!

Everyone knows someone that has been priced out of health coverage due to expensive Obamacare. You might hear of someone not including family in their company plan because they can't afford to put them on the plan. You will hear of couples with $1300 plans and families with $1500 plans and others that are declining those plans and going with no health coverage. With Aliera Healthcare these same people can get health coverage sometimes for about half the cost. These plans provide real coverage and are Exempt from the Obamacare tax penalty. See Aliera product brochures and pricing. These products are available for company group plans. Contact for more information!

We are actively recruiting new agents throughout the country. Please call or email if you are an agent or know a good agent that might want to offer this product line.

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